Sustainable Fashion: Supporting Women Artisans through Chikankari

Sustainable Fashion: Supporting Women Artisans through Chikankari

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Did you know that 90% of artisans in the Chikankari industry are women? Yes. You heard it right. Chikankari has been part of work in and around Lucknow. Chikankari involves needlework that is naturally linked to women and the art is passed on to daughters by their mothers, saving the cultural legacy for years.

Moreover, the work plays a significant role in women's empowerment, making them financially independent. So that women can contribute to household expenses and become economically empowered, breaking the gender inequalities.

Chikankari is a home-based industry, enabling women to take care of domestic responsibilities while earning, making it easy for those who find it difficult to work outside. Despite the industry being dominated by women, they faced challenges like low wages, little recognition, market inaccessibility, fluctuating market needs, and little awareness about the craft among the buyers.

All these challenges were aggravated during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Shop Nama: Stay, we identified those challenges and solved them by creating a sustainable clothing brand solely based on Chikankari and other traditional crafts like Mukaish and Bandhani, empowering the artisans while keeping the craft alive and sustainable.

We are also concerned about the buyers, ensuring the cloth is worth the amount by crafting in soft, lightweight fabric infusing contemporary fashion. Do purchase our cotton Chikankari kurti or Chikankari kurta set online on our website and support the women artisans.

Latest Cotton Chikankari Kurtis to Have in Your Wardrobe:

1. Fatima Kurta Set:

Here is our chikankari kurti with a palazzo set crafted from fine quality cambric cotton by our skilled women artisans in Lucknow. The kurta’s silhouette is A-line, giving you an elegant look.

The kurta features a purple color with matching Indian palazzo pants, making it a must-have outfit for festivals and celebrations. Even if you are a bridesmaid, this kurta will make you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, you will have the satisfaction of supporting a women artisan while enjoying the traditional legacy.

2. Sara Kurta Set:

Shine with this sunshine yellow chikankari kurti with a palazzo set for weddings and other celebrations. The kurta is short, featuring a flared, anarkali silhouette. Our women artisans have nailed the chikankari embroidery work on the neck, hems, and pants.

Moreover, the kurti’s cotton fabric is lightweight, breathable, and easy-breezy, enabling you to move easily and fly high without any restrictions. Every time you wear this co-ord set, remember the intense hard work of Lucknow women artisans

Complete the look with minimal jewelry, clutch, and high heels to make a fashion statement with this latest chikankari kurti.

3. Nazakat Mukaish Kurta:

You will thank the Lucknowi women artisans for the intricate Mukaish embroidery on white cotton fabric. Mukaish work is one of the traditional hand-embroidery crafts. Mukaish traces its origin back to the 3rd century BC in Awadh, a place near the present city of Lucknow

Moreover, Mughals adorned the Mukaish craft on chikankari outfits to make their outfit more unique. You can dress up or down with our latest chikankari kurti, depending on the occasion.

This hand-crafted elegant piece from the Shop Nama: Stay kurti collection will turn the heads of everyone. The kurta comes with a matching pant, making a fashion ensemble.

4. Farah Printed Mulmul Kurta:


Our Lucknowi women artisans never fail to satisfy every unique need of the buyers, from minimalist to extremist. Here is our Farah Mulmul blue chikankari kurta which is simple yet elegant and comfortable.

Crafted from soft mulmul cotton, this kurta ensures maximum comfort, making it a must-have everyday outfit for summer. This kurta is the best option for casual day outs, as the minimal embroidery and breathable fabric make you feel more comfortable.

Complete the look with white Indian palazzo pants, and accessorize depending on the occasion.

5. Fiza Flared Chikanakri kurta:

Our Fara Flared short kurta is a versatile outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The kurta's soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric ensures comfort. Moreover, the short flared silhouette gives you a touch of feminine charm while ensuring ease of movement.

Our Lucknowi women artisans add more charm to this unique piece with their intense and meticulous chikankari hand embroidery on the floral-printed mulmul fabric. Complete the look with denim/jeans for a casual day out or a white Indian palazzo pant for wedding occasions..


A recent survey by Rakuten Insight on sustainable consumption in India, December 2023 says that 60% of consumers prefer buying sustainable and environment-friendly products. This makes the brands more earth-conscious while manufacturing a product.

Our Shop Nama: Stay was born to empower everyone involved by providing sustainable clothes to the buyers, supporting women artisans, and keeping the age-old chikankari craft alive.

Support our idea and our Lucknowi artisans by purchasing cotton chikankari kurta sets online.

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