Radiant in Rang: Beautiful Mehendi Kurtis to Make Your Pre-Wedding Moments Memorable

Radiant in Rang: Beautiful Mehendi Kurtis to Make Your Pre-Wedding Moments Memorable

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Are you a bride-to-be looking for a perfect outfit for your mehendi function? Or is it your sister's mehendi function where you want to stand out from the crowd? When choosing a wedding kurta or bridesmaid kurta, ensuring its comfort is crucial.

Comfortable ethnic wear enables you to play around and have fun during the mehendi function. Have you ever wondered why we decorate our hands with mehendi before a wedding?

More than just beauty, mehendi has various reasons, including being a sign of good luck, having its herbal benefits of cooling the body, relieving stress, and more. The mehendi function is the beginning of weddings with more joy and fun.

Wearing green kurta sets for the mehendi ceremony, both by the bride and bridesmaid, is the recent trend. Embrace this trend with confidence by opting for green chikankari kurtis. These kurtis, crafted from soft cotton fabrics, offer the best of both worlds- utmost comfort and uncompromised style.

Check out the unique collection of green chikankari kurtis at Shop Nama: Stay. With these exclusive pieces, you can stand out from the crowd of greens at the mehendi function.

Here Are Our Exclusive Wedding Kurtas and Bridesmaid Kurtas For Mehendi Function:

1. Aaifa Mulmul Chikankari Kurta:

Mehendi tradition has been followed for years, safeguarding our rich cultural heritage. It’s impossible to imagine Mehendi functions without green kurtis, making the day even more traditional.

Our Aaifa Mulmul kurta is crafted from mulmul or muslin fabric, known for its soft and delicate texture. Moreover, mulmul was the first fine weave of cotton made by Bengali weavers many hundred years ago.

Embrace the rich heritage of our hand-embroidered parrot green, printed, and long kurta like Aaifa kurta on special occasions like Mehendi functions. Each stitch is a thread connecting you to our cultural roots, making it a perfect choice for a Mehendi ceremony to enjoy all the fun.

2. Ulfat Panna Bandhej kurta:

Here is our exclusive Ulfat Panna bandhej kurta, featuring two famous Indian crafts, like bandhej and chikankari, making your Mehendi ceremony a double celebration.

Bandhej, also known as Bandhani or Bandhni, is a traditional tie-dye design technique that involves plucking the cloth with fingernails into tiny bindings to form a design. Chikankari is a meticulous hand-embroidery design done on various fabrics.

These long kurta sets feature riots of auspicious green color, making them a must-wear for the Mehendi function. The Mulmul fabric gives you the utmost comfort to play around and enjoy the Mehendi function.

3. Pine Green Aari Embroidered Kaftan:

Celebrate the Mehendi function with the timeless elegance of our Pine green Aari Embroidered Kaftan. The pine green hue gives you a refreshing feeling, which adds a touch of allure to this exquisite kaftan, making it a perfect choice for a Mehendi ceremony.

Moreover, the kaftan is crafted from lightweight and breathable fabric, ensuring maximum comfort and style for the Mehendi celebration. Grab this versatile ethnic wear and make a fashion statement, standing out from the crowd of green dresses.

4. Fara Kashmiri Set:


Our unique short kurta sets collection makes you feel comfortable yet elegant during the Mehendi function. The kurta is made of ivory cotton fabric and features delicate tonal green Aari embrdoiery with leaf and floral motifs.

Moreover, the kurta is crafted from cotton fabric, which is lightweight, breathable, and easy-breezy, giving the utmost comfort for the Mehendi function. The exclusivity of these short kurta sets them apart with their full-handed bell sleeves, V-neck, straight pants, and last but not least, our Kashmiri Aari embroidery.

The Aari embroidery on the neck, end of the sleeve, and bottom adds a subtle yet elegant touch to your Mehendi look.

5. Aasma Chikankari Kurta:

Want to try a more traditional outfit? This Aasma chikankari kurta will be the perfect choice, embracing the traditional attire. Our Aasma chikankari green kurta is a standout choice for the Mehendi function, as each piece is a wrok of art by our skilled artisans.

Pair it with white or green palazzo pants to embrace the charm of handcrafted fashion that celebrates heritage with contemporary trends.


All our green chikankari kurta sets are unique and hand-crafted by skilled artisans, making them a perfect choice for the Mehendi function. Capture every moment of the Mehendi function with your favorite green kurta.

Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, style yourself in green uniquely to make a fashion statement!

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