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With a keen eye for quality and authenticity, Shop Nama: Stay’s Kashmiri Phirans stand out for women due to their excellent craftsmanship and limited prosperity of limited edition. The Eira Cotton Kashmiri Phiran Set, in particular, fascinates with its premium cotton comfort, intricate Aari embroidery, and a promise of owning a distinct piece of Kashmiri luxury..

Absolutely! The charm of Kashmiri Phirans lies in their versatility. For Traditional events, opt for vibrant and intricately embroidered Kashmiri Phirans. Pair them with Chikankari Palazzos or traditional bottoms for a classic and culturally rich look. Choose a simpler design or a Phiran with subtle shades to create a modern style. Pair it with slim-fit jeans or trousers to balance tradition and contemporary fashion.

Here are our Garment Care Tips:

  • We recommend hand washing in cold water or dry cleaning only.
  • White garments need to be washed separately.
  • Do not iron embellishments.

Kashmiri Phirans demand a higher price due to the precise handcrafting by skilled artisans, intricate Aari embroidery, and premium materials like fine wool or cotton. The individuality of these limited-edition pieces, each telling a unique story of Kashmiri heritage, contributes to their inherent value and elevated cost.

A Kashmiri Phiran stands out for its unique blend of cultural heritage and intricate craftsmanship. Distinguished by handwoven fabrics, precise Aari embroidery, and vibrant colors inspired by Kashmiri landscapes, each Phiran tells a tale of tradition and artistry, setting it apart from conventional garments.


Embrace The Timeless Allure of Kashmiri Phirans

Embrace your winter season with Kashmiri Phiran Kurtas, the traditional winter wear from the scenic valleys of Kashmir. The Phiran, also known as Pheeran is not just a piece of clothing but a blend of culture, comfort, and style, perfect for keeping warm during the cold months. Kashmiri Phiran is a...

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