Our Story

"We are on a journey to create an ecosystem where the exchange is rooted in earth-conscious practices and the empowerment of all"


Nama:Stay is a dream child of many years of travel, exploration and passion for handicrafts of our founder, Palak Chawla. As a NIFT Delhi Alumni, she has always been keen on all things handcrafted and timeless. Having an inquisitive and receptive inclination towards the handicrafts industry whether it's the cluster visit at NIFT or self-planned travel to explore India and its offerings, her eyes were always set on the fact that India produces some of the most intricate, laboured and meticulous artefacts.

At the heart of India are its vivid and whimsical crafts ranging from block printing, grass mats, and metal mirrors to the most celebrated chikankari and Kashmiri embroidery. During her travels, she also observed the difficulty artisans face in local productions and especially those items that are one of a kind and limited in quantities. All of their demand majorly comes from tourists visiting their shops leaving a gap in their access to the e-commerce world.

​This idea brewed in her head for a decade. Time and again it surfaced in between but was sidelined because of her career in the Fashion Industry. Covid Lockdown was the coup de grâce that was needed for her to finally start curating the products that celebrate the glorious artisans of India and their innate ability to make unique timeless and exquisite products.

It was time to give life to this dream and make the affordable, luxe artefacts of India accessible globally, across the world. We strive to bring you the best of clothing and home decor, each telling a story of the artisans.

​This is how NamaStay was born, essentially an ode to artisans, the skills that they have mastered for ages and her dream of making handicrafts a part of every home.


Nama: Stay is a brand for women and by women that aims to nourish a community that supports the Indian artisans and empowers them to better lifestyles. A community that supports the crafts of India by providing the artisans with income-generating opportunities and giving them a platform that makes their products accessible to the world. As a core practice, we intend and would seek to share profits with the artisans, creating an enriching and fulfilling life for them. The aim is to hold hands and grow together while making a global market for the products.