Styling Tips for Chikankari kurtas in the Summer Heat

Styling Tips for Chikankari kurtas in the Summer Heat

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Summer months are filled with vacations, festivals, trips, trekking, celebrations, and, most importantly, heat. Nowadays, people expect comfort without compromising style in their outfits, which has made fashion enthusiasts break their heads

We have all we need in our tradition; the chikankari kurti is one such gift, which is a blend of traditional craft and contemporary fashion on comfortable fabric. Cotton summer dresses provide maximum comfort to beat the heat and enjoy the day to the core.

Chikankari kurtis are not just about comfort, they are about style and versatility. Crafted from soft, breathable, and easy-breezy cotton fabric, they allow the utmost comfort during summer. The versatility of the kurti enables various ways to style, ensuring a fashion statement that is uniquely yours

Whether you go for a chill beach day out in summer, an evening party, trips with friends, or family gatherings, Lucknowi kurtas can be styled according to the occasion without compromising comfort for the summer.

This blog will discuss styling tips for chikankari kurtas in the summer heat, making them the best summer outfits for women.

Here are the Styling tips for Chikankari Kurtas to Beat the Summer Heat:

1. Wear White Chikankari Kurtis:

As we all know, white is a combination of all visible colors, and so it reflects the white light. Thus, white clothes are preferred during the scorching summer months to reflect sunlight and heat and keep us cool.

White Lucknowi kurtas provide a cooling and soothing feel throughout the day, while their cotton fabric provides the utmost comfort. Moreover, white suits all skin tones, making white chikankari kurtas one of the versatile summer outfits for women.

Furthermore, white dresses can be worn for all occasions with the perfect mix and match. White short summer dresses can be paired with complementing denim for casual outings and long summer dresses with cotton palazzo pants for festivals, enjoying the style without compromising comfort.

2. Short Kurta with Denim Shorts

Beach evenings feel like heaven during Summer, and we all wait for that day to enjoy the breeze. What would be the ebst outfit for having all the fun? Short summer dresses like contemporary chikankari kurtis paired with denim or cotton shorts will provide comfort for the day with extra style.

Make your own style by wearing sunglasses, oxidized earrings, and comfortable sandals that complement the chikankari hand embroidery on the neck, hem, and sleeve. The outfit gives you a perfect cool vibe for the day.

3. Wear Kurta as a Dress:

Is it a shopping day with your friends, and you are looking for a comfortable yet trendy outfit? Nothing gives you freedom and comfort without compromising style more than a kurta as a dress. Moreover, the cotton fabric of the chikankari kurta, known for providing maximum comfort, never fails to do the same.

You can style long summer dresses like a long or asymmetrical kurta with belts to give them shape on the waist. Complete the look with sandals of your choice, minimal and simple accessories, and a high bun to elevate your style and comfort to the next level.

The kurta can also be worn as a dress to parties by pairing it with high heels, oxidized jewelry, and free hair.

4. Kurti with Cotton Sharara or Palazzo Pants

Summer is a season of weddings, with a list of celebrations, from haldi to reception, that comes with sweat, heat, and fun. Don't you think comfort is a must during these celebrations to enjoy all the fun?

For all your wedding celebrations, consider the versatility of cotton summer dresses for women. Whether it's a chikankari kurta paired with cotton sharara or palazzo pants, the breathable cotton fabric with its fine threads allows for easy air and heat exchange, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

Moreover, the chikankari embroidery gives you a grandeur yet an elegant look. Opt for minimal or grand jewelry that best suits the celebration mode and your outfit.

5. Long Summer Kurta

Are you planning a summer vacation at a resort? This long summer kurta with chikankari embroidery is the best resort wear option. The lightweight and breathable cotton fabric gives maximum comfort, which makes it an effortless choice to beat the heat.

To complement the kurta, you can wear minimal accessories and comfortable footwear. Moreover, opt for light or pastel-hued kurtas, as light colors reflect heat and keep you cool.


Why worry when we have cotton summer dresses for women to beat the heat? From casual outings to wedding celebrations, chikankari summer kurtas are versatile and ensure maximum comfort and an elegant look. With little fashion knowledge, you can exude a statement look while enjoying the Summer vacation to the core.

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