Golden Memories: Make Your Haldi Ceremony with Beautiful Yellow Attire

Golden Memories: Make Your Haldi Ceremony with Beautiful Yellow Attire

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Haldi, a pre-wedding ritual, is one of the exquisite ceremonies showcasing India's rich cultural heritage. It's a versatile ceremony with different names in various regions of India, viz, Pithi in Gujarat, Gaye Holud in Bengali, Vatna in Punjab, Haldi Kutai in Bihar, and Snanam in Tamil Nadu.

During a beautiful dawn, the bride and groom are seated, surrounded by a group of married women. This is the haldi ki rasam, a joyous occasion where the couple is lovingly smeared with a turmeric concoction. The star ingredient, turmeric, is mixed with mustard oil, and nowadays, people add their own unique ingredients like sandalwood powder, gram flour, almond powder, and liquid ingredients like curd, rosewater, or lime juice.

When you think of Haldi, what comes to mind? It may be the vibrant yellow attire that everyone adorns. Yellow, a color symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings, is believed to bless the couple embarking on their new life. This makes yellow the perfect choice for the Special Haldi dress, adding a touch of auspiciousness to the celebration.

Comfort is a must while enjoying the ceremony. Chikankari kurtas, with their soft fabric, ensure maximum comfort while playing around. Moreover, they are hand-embroidered kurtas exuding an elegant look.

If you are a bride-to-be or attending your close one's haldi ceremony, check out Shop Nama: Stay's yellow kurti collections to stand out from the yellow crowd while mingling with the celebration.

Here are Chikankari Yellow Kurtis to Enjoy the Haldi Ceremony:

1. Sara Chikankari Co-ord Set:

Here is the perfect sunshine yellow short kurti coordinate set, making the Haldi ceremony even brighter. The unique sunshine yellow color makes you stand out from the crowd of yellow.

The chikankari short kurti, with its flared Anarkali silhouette and intricate hand embroidery on the neck, hem, and sleeves, is a perfect blend of style and comfort. Crafted from breathable cotton, this co-ord set is your ideal companion for a Haldi ceremony in hot weather, allowing you to enjoy every moment without any discomfort.

Moreover, the palazzo pants enable you to play around. To make a fashion statement, complete the look with earrings, bangles, a clutch, and embroidered canvas slip-ons.

2. Nisa Mango Kurta:

This vibrant mango-yellow kurti gives you an exquisite glow in the Haldi ceremony. The straight-cut long kurti gives you a tailored yet contemporary look. Moreover, hand-embroidered kurtas, like the Nisa kurta, feature heavy floral and paisley chikankari embroidery on the neck.

Opt for real-flower jewelry, a new trend in Haldi, for an elegant and chic look. White flower jewelry will be the perfect choice for the vibrant mango haldi dress. The kurta's rayon fabric feels soft on the skin and gives you the utmost comfort and easy movement, making it the best summer kurti.

White palazzo pants, a versatile choice, are the perfect bottoms to complete your ensemble. Pair them with sandals of your comfort to enjoy the ceremony, knowing that you've made a confident fashion choice..

3. Zard Aish Kurta:

If you prefer a subtle look, this lemon-yellow kurti is the perfect choice to turn heads during the Haldi ceremony. Our Zard long kurti features delicate booty work on the front and back, providing a subtle yet elegant look.

Not only does our lemon-yellow kurti make a stylish statement, but it also prioritizes your comfort. Crafted from breathable cotton fabric, it allows for easy movement and reflects heat, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the Haldi ceremony. It's the perfect choice for a summer cotton dress.

Complete the look with white straight-cut pants, heavy accessories, and trendy hair-dos, as the kurta is subtle.

4. Zeenat Light Yellow Kurta:


Want to stand out from the yellow crowd? Our Zeenat Daffodil Kurta is the perfect choice for making a fashion statement. It is crafted from handspun khadi cotton, making it an ideal summer cotton dress for staying cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony and having all the fun.

The long kurti features chikankari embroidery, which our skilled artisans handcraft. Enjoy the Haldi ceremony with a comfortable kurti. Opt for minimal accessories and white straight-cut pants and complete the look.

5. Inaya kurta:

Our radiant yellow Inaya Kurta perfectly blends tradition and contemporary fashion, turning everyone’s head in the Haldi. The vibrant yellow color spreads a joyful and celebratory vibe, making you more attractive.

The cotton fabric ensures maximum comfort and easy movement, so you can enjoy the Haldi by running and playing around. The short kurti features heavy chikankari embroidery on the neck so that minimal accessorizing will be good enough.


Why compromise the Haldi celebration by running and playing around while we have our comfortable yet elegant chikankari kurtas? Opt for a yellow kurti, a color of joy and prosperity, to add extra beauty. Our yellow chikankari kurtas will add a pound of glow with the haldi paste


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