Stay Cool in Style: Best Fabrics for Your Summer Kurtis

Stay Cool in Style: Best Fabrics for Your Summer Kurtis

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Like every summer, this year's temperature has hit a century in a tropical region like India. It's always extreme. December is full of floods, and April is full of heat waves. Nature overwhelms us with lots of love but in its own way. This year is too much.

By this time, all ladies will be ready with their sunscreen, scarves, and umbrellas to protect themselves from the hero of the season, the Sun. What about your clothing? Will you wear silk or satin fabric during the hot summer? Absolutely, No.

Comfort fabric clothing is not just a choice, it's a necessity to stay cool in the scorching summer heat. And who wouldn't want to say yes to comfortable summer dresses that offer relief from the heat? Kurtas and Kurtis, the staple and comfortable Indian wear, when crafted from summer-friendly fabrics, can be a game-changer in your summer wardrobe.

Summer outfits for women come in a variety of fabrics, each with its own practical benefits. Rayo and various forms of cotton, such as mulmul, kota, modal, crushed, and Cambridge cottonn, are all excellent choices. Chikankari kurtis, for instance, are a perfect example of these fabrics, offering not just style but also maximum comfort.

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Here are the Comfortable fabrics for Kashmiri Kurtas and Summer Dresses for Women:

1. Rayon:

Rayon, the first handmade artificial fabric, is a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber invented in the late 19th century. The father of Rayon, Frenchman Count Hillaire de Chardonette, first observed that nitrocellulose from wood pulps could be turned into fiber, which sowed the seeds for the invention of Rayon.

The term rayon was coined in 1924. Rayon is a fabric made from regenerated cellulose derived from plant sources. Due to its lightweight, breathable, and flowy nature, Rayon has gained immense popularity in various textile industries, especially in kurtas and kurtis.

What sets Rayon apart as the ideal fabric for summer kurtas is its combination of soft, comfortable, breathable texture and shiny, lustrous surface. These properties make it particularly well-suited for Kashmiri kurtis. Moreover, Rayon's superior water absorption compared to cotton ensures comfort even on the hottest summer days.

Our Naaz kurta, Niza mango yellow kurta, and Surk Kurta set are the best examples of Lucknowi kurtas made from Rayon. They provide the utmost comfort for the summer without compromising style.

2. Cotton:

Cotton is the most preferred fabric during summer worldwide due to its breathable, water-absorbent, and soft nature. The word cotton is derived from the Arabic word “qutun”. In a tropical region like India, cotton summer dresses top the list of other fabrics worn during summer.

Women’s favorite chikankari kurtis with rich embroideries are crafted over soft cotton fabric, making it the best cotton summer dress. The cotton fabric has fine threads with gaps, which help with air and heat exchange, keeping you cool throughout the day.

Whether you opt for long or short summer dresses, cotton fabric is the best option for all summer outfits for women. With its stretchable and non-sticky nature, cotton helps you prevent skin allergies and rashes.

All our Kashmiri kurtas such as the Eira Set, Sara Kurta Set, Fatima Set, and Alia Set are crafted from delicate cotton fabric, providing maximum comfort, making our summer kurtas the best option for summer dresses for women.

3. MulMul:

Mulmul, also known as muslin, is a form of cotton that got its name from Mosul, a city in Iraq. The fabric originated in Bangladesh, once the capital of the Muslin trade worldwide. The trade of mulmul fabric flourished under the Mughal rule, but then the Britishers suppressed the production of the fabric.

The mulmul is a highly demanding fabric due to its super-soft, breathable, durable, and lightweight nature. The fabric best suits kurtas, kurtis, sarees, and more. The fabric becomes soft after every wash, which is its best part.

The mulmul fabric’s fine and durable nature makes it the perfect choice for summer kurtas for women. Its low maintenance quality is a boon, as it can be easily washed at home with detergent, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the wearer.

Fiza kurta, Nazakat mukaish kurta, Aafreen kurta , and Farah kurta are our epic Lucknowi kurtas crafted from fine mulmul fabric. They provide a cool and comfortable feel during summer.

4. Modal Cotton:


If you are an environmentalist who cares about nature’s well-being, this fabric will captivate you. It emerged in the mid-twentieth century and became a staple fabric, providing a luxurious, elegant, and comfortable feeling.

Modal cotton, derived from the semi-cellulose fiber found in beech trees, is a sustainable choice. As beech trees require less water to grow, producing modal cotton from them is an environmentally friendly option.

The fabric provides exceptional softness and a shiny look compared to silk. Its breathable, durable, moisture-absorbent, and excellent flowy nature make it the best cotton summer dress.

Our Kashmiri Kurtis, such as the Nagma set and Bano set, are made from soft modal cotton, making them perfect summer outfits for women.

5. Kota:

Kota cotton was believed to originate from Mysore, but then, in the seventeenth century, Mughal generals made the Kota weavers, known as Masurians, migrate to Rajasthan. The fabric was produced by weavers in large quantities in Kaithoon, a small city away from Kota.

The Kota fabric is intricately woven in a special style, resulting in a fabric that is not only airy and lightweight but also soft and comfortable to wear.

All these factors make Kota fabric comfortable yet elegant for summer. Whether you're wearing a short or long summer dress, Kota fabric gives you the utmost comfort and grace.

Our summer kurtas, like Ulaft Bandhej Kota, Farhad Bandhej Kota, and Nawabs 2, showcase the unique characteristics of kota fabric.

6. Crushed Cotton:

Crushed cotton is a soft, soothing cotton fabric that best suits the summer. The crushed cotton fabric is airy, breathable, lightweight, and super-soft, providing the utmost comfort during summer.

Crushed cotton fabric is a testament to the fashion industry from fashion enthusiasts. Outfits made from crushed cotton are best suited for kurtas and kurtis as everyday summer outfits for women. When it comes to beating the summer heat, nothing does it better than our white summer dresses made of crushed cotton. While white reflects heat, the unique properties of crushed cotton keep you cool, making it an outstanding option for the season. All our kaftans are also made of crushed cotton, ensuring you stay comfortable even in the hottest weather.

7. Cambridge Cotton:

Cambric cotton fabric is lightweight, breathable, soft, and allows air circulation, making it a perfect option for everyday summer outfits for women, such as kurtas and kurtis. Moreover, the fabric provides the utmost comfort.

Chikankari kurtis made of cambric cotton, with their rich embroidery and comfortable fabric, are perfect summer wear without compromising style. Our Aisha kurti is crafted from Cambric cotton, providing all-day comfort.


Summer dresses crafted from these summer-friendly fabrics help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Kashmiri kurtas made from these fabrics can be worn for all occasions without compromising style.

Check out our chikankari kurti collections from Shop Nama: Stay cool during the hot summer. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

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