Flaunt Your Style With Chikankari Kurtas Tailored for Every Body Type

Flaunt Your Style With Chikankari Kurtas Tailored for Every Body Type

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There is no standard rule for styling, it all depends on the way we carry it. The more comfortable we are in an outfit, the more it looks good on you. In that way, chikankari kurtas for women have always been the staple outfit for years, taking various avatars, best suiting contemporary fashion.

Its versatility is not limited to styles, designs, and embroidery, it extends its hands, satisfying people with different body types and making them feel comfortable and happy. Choosing a chikankari kurta that best suits your body type, and highlighting your best features gives you that confidence and poise.

Now, How do you know your body type? Which kurta suits well on your body? It’s not rocket science. There are four common body types viz, Rectangle, Hourglass, Apple, and Pear, each with their own unique features. You fit in one of these body shapes and in this blog how to style every body shape with a chikankari kurta for women.

Stay tuned to know your body type and styling tips tailored to your body type, enabling you to make a fashion statement irrespective of the occasion, from daily office days to weddings.

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Here are the Styling tips for Every Body Type:

1. Rectangle Body Shape:

People with rectangular body shapes have less defined waistlines with equal bust, waist, and hip measurements. Moreover, they tend to be tall and lean. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katrina Kaif, and Zendaya have rectangular body shapes.

How to style?

When it comes to styling rectangular body shapes, you must concentrate on creating curves and highlighting your waistlines. Add definition to your figure by choosing chikankari kurtas that have ruffles around the bust and hips or with waist detailing to create the illusion of curves.

Buy Chikankari kurtas for women like Zaid Arsh angrakha kurta, Nagma straight Chikankari kurta, Zoya black flared chikankari kurta, Naeem multi embroidered flared kurta that defines your curves.

2. Pear Shaped Body:

Pear body shape has wider hips than the shoulders with a smaller bust and defined waist. Pear body shape is otherwise known as Triangle body shape. If you have a pear body shape, then yours is similar to that of celebrities like Beyonce, Rani Mukherji, and Parineeti Chopra.

How to style?

Highlight your upper body by choosing statement kurtas with bold patterns and designs accentuating your shoulders and bust. Try to minimize your hips with A-line or flared chikankari kurtas for women which flare out from the wait to exude a balanced proportion.

Go for the Aisha chikankari straight kurta, Fatima chikankari co-ord set, Sable black Kashmiri embroidered black kaftan, and Faiza Angrakha kurta which comes with heavy chikankari embroidery on the neck area.

3. Apple Body Shape:

The Apple body shape is otherwise known as a round body shape. People with apple body shapes have wider hips and thighs than the shoulders and bust. Moreover, the waist is well-defined and narrower than the hips. Celebrities like Adele, Angelina Jolie, and Oprah Winfrey have apple body shapes.

How to style?

Opt for kurtas that define your midsection with belts or embellishments accentuating your defined waistlines. Wear short kurtas or kaftans as a dress highlighting your trimmed legs. Flared chikankari kurtas for women, flaring out from the midsection suit well for an apple-shaped body.

Our Ivory Kashmiri embroidered kaftan, charcoal Kashmiri kaftan to show off your trimmed legs, or Zard Aish Angrakha kurta, and Naeem flared kurta, creating a definition around your waistline.

4. Hourglass Shaped Body:

People with hourglass-shaped bodies have a well-defined waist with a balanced bust and hips. That is, the shoulder and hip widths are approximately the same and characterized as curvaceous. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Kylie.

How to style?

Highlight your waist by opting for fitted clothes that enhance your waistline without being too tight, such as wrapped kurtas, belted tops, and high-waisted bottoms. Try to avoid oversized or shapeless dresses that hide your curves. Instead, opt for kurtas that define your curves.

Buy chikankari kurtas for women, such as Fiza flared Anarkali kurta, Zoya black flared chikankari kurta, Nambi multi-embroidered flared kurta, Aaifa Mul Parrot hand embroidered kurta which acecntuates your curves, giving a chic look.

Conclusion :

Make your unique style by accentuating your best body features with chikankari kurtas for women!

Every body shape is beautiful and unique in its own way. All that is needed is identifying the best features and enhancing them with a little knowledge about body shapes and styling tips. Now, you are ready to rock with chikankari kurtas - your all-time comfortable wear.

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