Mastering the Art of Styling Chikankari for Wedding Elegance

Mastering the Art of Styling Chikankari for Wedding Elegance

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Is it your bestie’s wedding? Being a bride’s squad, chikankari kurta sets will make you stunning in all wedding ceremonies. Chikankari, a traditional artwork from the culturally rich land of Lucknow, has an immense cultural heritage.

More than just fashion and comfort, women want to look more traditional during wedding ceremonies. What if I tell you that you’ll get all of them in a single outfit? Not a buzzword. Chikankari kurti designs will not let you down from your standard.

Chikankari kurta sets are versatile for you to choose. From the mehendi function, haldi, and other small poojas to reception, and wedding wear chikankari kurtas satisfy all your needs and preferences depending on the ceremony.

They are also versatile in vibrancy from subtle, dawn sky blue chikankari kurta for women to bright yellow kurtas, setting the mood of the function.

Check out Shop Nama: Stay’s chikankari kurta set collections for a stunning look in all the wedding ceremonies.

Here is How to Style Chikankari Kurta Sets for Wedding Ceremonies:

1. Simple Pooja Ceremony - Farah Chikankari Kurta

Indian weddings last for four to five days with various rituals. Every ritual has its own philosophical and spiritual significance. Like every other Indian ceremony, weddings begin with a pooja, kickstarting other wedding ceremonies. Opting for a traditional outfit like a chikankari kurta set will perfectly suit a simple pooja function.

Our Farah Mulmul blue chikankari kurta for women will be your perfect outfit for a simple pooja ceremony. The kurta is crafted from a lightweight and breathable mulmul fabric. It will give you the comfort you need for a pooja that involves fire rituals. With comfort, the chikankari kurti design gives you an elegant look.

2. Mehendi Function - Ulfat Bandhej Green Kurta

The Pooja ceremony is followed by a mehendi function. The bride, her friends, and other family members decorate their hands and feet with henna designs. More than just beauty, the mehendi function holds the significance of prosperity and good luck for the bride who begins her new journey of life.

Green attire symbolizes hope, wealth, renewal, and prosperity. Our Ulfat bandhej green chikan kurta is rooted in rich cultural craftworks, viz. Bandhej and chikankari. This will be the perfect one to amp up your mehendi ceremony.

3. Haldi Ceremony - Sara Kurta Set

The Haldi ceremony is one of the auspicious events of the wedding. People believe that haldi rasam will protect the wed-to-be couple from evil spirits and bring all their prosperity and wealth to them.

Turmeric is the key ingredient of the haldi paste. Turmeric holds spiritual, cultural, and scientific significance. To make the ceremony even brighter, choose our sunshine yellow Sara flared kurta set.

The kurta with lightweight, breathable cotton fabric gives you the comfort to play around, and have all the fun. The kurta features a short, flared silhouette with heavy hand-embroidered chikankari embroidery on the neck. This co-ord kurta and palazzo pant set will brighten your haldi ceremony.

4. Cocktail Party - Zoya Flared Chikankari Kurta Set

Cocktail hour is the beginning of reception where you enjoy cocktails and food in a relaxed mood. It usually happens in an outdoor garden where guests enjoy fresh air, drinks, and food of their taste.

Our Zoya chikankari co-ord set perfectly reflects your mood for the cocktail party. This peplum silhouette features floral hand-embroidered chikankari designs on the front and back. The kurti comes with a similar pattern of palazzo pants giving you a sophisticated and elegant look.

The Zoya chikankari kurta comes in a vibrant black color and gracefully drapes around various body types. Choose this versatile kurta for a sophisticated and graceful look at a cocktail party.

5. Reception Ceremony - Fatima Chikankari Kurta Set

Reception happens the night before the wedding day. More than rituals, the reception is more of dancing, DJ music, a grand feast, and get-together parties with friends and family members. Ensure opting for a trendy, unique, and sophisticated outfit, exuding a fashion statement.

Our Fatima Chikankari co-ord set comes in a vibrant purple hue. The kurta features heavy floral embroidery all over the front and back of the kurta with an A-line silhouette. This kurta is a perfect grab for reception wear.

6. Wedding Ceremony - Nazakat Chikan Mukaish Kurta

Dress yourself sophisticatedly with our evergreen Nazakat chikan mukaish kurta. From all the traditional outfits, this kurta will make you stand out from the crowd with its elegant look. The mukaish work has its roots back to the third century from a place called Awadh near Lucknow.

The significance of this mukaish embroidery is to adorn chikankari to make the kurta a unique ensemble. Complete the look with jewelry, sandals, and make-up of your choice.

7. Post-Wedding Blessing Ceremony - Naaz Chikankari Kurta Set

The Aashirvaad or blessing ceremony is a soulful event where the newly married couple gets the blessings of elderly people. It usually happens in the groom’s home after the wedding with all the friends and family.

Our Naaz maroon kurta is the best grab for such an emotional and spiritual event. The bright maroon color exudes a positive and glad mood. The kurta features intricate white floral embroidery, making it a perfect choice for traditional functions.


Shop Nama: Stay offers a versatile collection of chikankari kurta sets for you to steal at every wedding event. From a simple pooja to a grand wedding ceremony, we have collections of every style and color.

Check out our chikankari kurta collection from Shop Nama: Stay website and place your order if you have your closed one’s wedding coming around the corner.

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