Exploring Ethnic Chic: Embracing Traditional Women's Kurti Sets

Exploring Ethnic Chic: Embracing Traditional Women's Kurti Sets

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In a country like India, which has a rich cultural heritage and tradition, ethnic wear plays a vital role in preserving and passing down the tradition to the next generation. Ethnic Kurtas and Kurtis still rule the country with their constant upgrades in design and fashion.

Though the kurtas and kurtis faced a downfall in the middle, the historical hippie movement and Bengal renaissance in the 1960s and 1970s revived their lives. Moreover, thanks to philosophers, artists, scholars, and poets of that time who were known for wearing those plain kurtas and played a vital role in their path of regaining popularity.

During the Mughal period, clothing was redefined with contemporary embroideries, stones, and thread works. When the Mughals ruled the northern part of the country, kurtas and kurtis gained more popularity and were designed in various fabrics with the rich chikankari embroidery known for Lucknow.

From cotton chikankari kurtis to those fabricated in silk or velvet, kurtis have become elegant yet comfortable clothing for women. Being timeless attire, Kurtas and Kurtis rule today’s contemporary fashion world with their continuous upgrades. They have become a daily office, college, or even festive wear. Moreover, Cotton chikankari kurtas and kurtis have become women’s favorite and comfortable daily wear during summer months.

Embrace the tradition of India with Shop Nama: Stay’s elegant chikankari kurta set online.

Here are the Wardrobe Essentials of the Latest Chikankari Kurti Set:

Zoya Kurta Set:

The Zoya black flared chikankari kurti with palazzo set perfectly blends traditional chikankari embroidery and a contemporary flared silhouette, providing a unique and attractive look. The short flounce kurti is fully hand embroidered with chikankari patterns, featuring floral designs. Paired with a similar pattern of Indian palazzo pants, it elevates your fashion to the next level.

The significant chikankari embroideries reflect Lucknow's rich cultural heritage. Chikankari was introduced in India by the Mughals, and its popularity declined during the British colonial era due to the import of machine-made fabrics. However, only some organizations and individuals noticed the significance of this rich art form and revived its life.

This monochrome kurta set's classic black color gives you a sophisticated and elegant look. Moreover, this cotton chikankari kurta set gives you the comfort you deserve, making it an all-around outfit.

Fatima Kurta Set:

Kurtas, traditional Indian wear, was previously worn only by men in South Asia, including countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan. Over time, however, it became daily wear for women in the name of kurti, due to its comfortability and versatility.

Over time, the traditional kurta has undergone significant changes and innovations to become today’s contemporary fashion outfit, available in various designs and fabrics, especially for women.

Our Fatima co-ord is one such latest chikankari kurti with palazzo set. It comes with a fine cambric cotton fabric, known for its lightweight, breathable, smooth, and soft nature, making it a must-have wardrobe essential.

In addition, the silhouette is a long A-line kurta featuring heavy chikankari embroidery throughout. The purple color paired with a matching bottom wear is a perfect choice for festive and wedding occasions.

Nazia Kurta Set:

The iconic kurta is the most liked outfit in South Asia. This single outfit has taken various avatars, from Anarkalis to churidars with Patiala, constantly redefining its fashion and re-entering the market with new styles every year.

The outfit still rules the fashion industry with its versatility and rich artwork. Moreover, this Indian cultural outfit has crossed borders and was worn by Princess Diana, showcasing India's timeless, rich heritage.

Here is our Nazia monochrome chikankari kurti with matching Indian palazzo pants. It showcases the timeless chikankari embroidery on white cambric cotton fabric. Skilled artisans' finesse embroidery work elevates the kurta and pants' grace, creating a visually appealing outfit.

Moreover, the cambric cotton fabric gives you the maximum convenience without compromising style.

Nagma Kurta Set:

Kurtas and kurtis hold a separate fanbase because of their intricate embroidery, vibrant patterns, and the use of delicate fabrics, reflecting the country’s diverse heritage and craftsmanship.

Women adorn themselves wearing these latest chikankari kurti with palazzo sets, symbolizing the rich heritage to pass down to future generations and the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Here is another festive collection of Shop Nama: Stay, Nagma chikankari straight coord set. The exclusive mauve color with intricate chikankari work makes it a must-have festive wear. Moreover, the mauve color suits all skin tones, making it a versatile wardrobe collection.

Aisha Kurta Set:

Indian ethnic wear has undergone immense transformation and blends seamlessly with contemporary fashions. For centuries, ethnic wear has been worn during special occasions like celebrations, weddings, and festivals.

However, with the continuous effort of fashion designers, the industry continues to evolve, and now traditional kurtas and kurtis have become everyday wear as well, meeting the contemporary fashion trend.

Our Aisha cotton chikankari kurti is a perfect fusion of traditional chikankari embroidery and modern fashion. When Paired with a similar pattern of white Indian palazzo pants, this monochrome kurta gives you a formal look, and if paired with ripped denim, it gives you a casual look.

Moreover, this black and white chikankari kurta is a must-have wardrobe collection for women and a great festive wear option.


Everyone has a responsibility to preserve and pass down Indian ethnic wear’s rich heritage to the next generation. Embrace the amalgamation of tradition and modernity in ethnic wear, especially kurtas, and kurtis, which play a significant role in the fashion industry with their tremendous upgrades.

Check Shop Nama: Stay’s chikankari kurta set online, showcasing versatile options for you to choose from.

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