White Chikankari Kurti- Holi Special

Celebrate Holi in Style with a Classic Chikankari Kurti Set

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Holi, the festival of colors, is just around the corner. By this time, you have all started prepping yourself by selecting your outfits. You will undoubtedly go for a white outfit. But have you ever wondered why people wear white clothes to celebrate the festival of colors? 

Practically speaking, the vibrant color powders are prominently visible on white. However, white symbolizes peace, joy, and welcoming spring and new beginnings with a fresh feeling.

Stand out from others by choosing a classic white chikankari kurta set, elevating your grace and charm to a new level. These classic whites dress reflect the blend of tradition and trend, making them a perfect choice to celebrate the colorful fest.

Celebrate the festival of colors with our ethnic kurti for women at shop Nama: Stay.

Here are some white kurtas and kaftans from shop Nama: Stay that you can add to your wardrobe:

Nazia white and black chikankari kurta set

Here is our Holi special kurta for you to make yourself look chic. The Nazia white and black chikankari kurta set is a perfect choice if you are a minimalist outfit lover. It is a monochrome white and black chikankari coord set with meticulous embroidery detailing, showcasing the intricate work of skilled artisans of Lucknow.

Moreover, the Nazia monochrome chikankari kurta set is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, elevating your style to the next level on a special occasion like Holi.

Aisha chikankari tassel kurta

The moment we think of Holi, we remember a joyful day, streets filled with celebration, people splashing water balloons and throwing colors at each other. But what becomes a necessity to enjoy the most of the day is comfort clothing.

Our Aisha Chikankari tassel Kurta paired with a white Chikankari palazzo provides the best comfort for celebrating Holi. This Lucknow chikankari monochrome kurta is hand embroidered by our artisans, and the tassels are precisely sewn to the Kurta.

More than comfort, our classic white chikankari kurta has an elegant look, making it a great festive wear option.

Eira cotton Kashmiri Phiran

It's time to celebrate Kashmiri phirans' rich tradition and versatility on a traditional occasion like Holi. More than a celebration, Holi emphasizes the significance of a year-old tradition.

Similarly, more than just clothing, Kashmiri phirans symbolize the rich artisanal heritage, making them a perfect outfit for Holi. Moreover, the intricate aari embroidery and contemporary cuts and styles elevate your style.

Our Eira cotton Kashmiri phiran kurta set comes with delicate patterns of aari embroidery and the comfort of the natural cotton fiber, making it a great Holi outfit.

Aafreen white on white chikankari kurta

After all the celebrations, Holi concludes with visits to friends, teachers, and relatives, resolving any misunderstandings, and rebuilding relationships. The white kurti for Holi symbolizes peace, conveying the message to forget all worries and start a new beginning.

Our white-on-white chikankari ethnic kurti for women is designed with exceptional craftsmanship to celebrate the essence of Indian festivals. On occasions like Holi, wearing these white kurtas gives you a pure and peaceful state of mind to foster relationships and welcome the new beginning.

Nawab III Chikankari Kurta

Wearing a white kurta for Holi has remained a traditional belief for years. People throwing colors on your white dress symbolize that life will bring you more joy in the new year.

Our Nawab III Lucknow chikankari kurta features meticulous floral embroidery showcasing the intricate artwork of craftsmen. Such detailed embroidery makes you feel more elegant and confident, making you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, our Nawab III Holi special kurti is made of rayon fabric, which is known for being breathable. It will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day of celebration.

Naeem Multi Embroidered Flared Kurta

While white symbolizes peace and joy, why not multi-colored embroidery on white kurtas, elevating the festival of colors? Our Naeem multi-embroidered flared kurta will make you stand out from the crowd of whites, conveying your unique choice of styling.

The Naeem Lucknow chikankari kurta is intricately embroidered on the front and back, telling the stories of artisans' meticulous and time-consuming artwork, which requires up to 20 years of training.

The kurti remains the top choice of ethnic kurti for women. Its minimalist yet chic look makes it perfect for festivals and vacations.

Ivory Kashmiri Kaftan

Here is our iconic Ivory Kashmiri Kaftan, a favorite of our influencers and Bollywood celebrities. Welcome spring with the comfort of a crushed cotton kaftan, known for its breathable nature without compromising style.

Moreover, the crinkle nature of the fabric, along with long and loose sleeves, adds a layer of elegance to your style. The skills of the Kashmiri artisans passed down through generations, are visible in the intricate aari designs of the kaftans, remembering the rich tradition on a special occasion like Holi.


The festival of colors is famous for the saying "Bura na mano, Holi hai!" meaning "Do not mind, it's Holi!" - forget the past, forgive people, foster relationships, and start a new beginning with our shop Nama: Stay's classic white chikankari kurtis conveying peace and joy.  

We offer a comprehensive range of varieties, from short kurtis to iconic ivory kaftans, to make your Holi a memorable day without compromising your style.

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