Independence Day Fashion: Embracing Heritage with Traditional Kurti

Independence Day Fashion: Embracing Heritage with Traditional Kurti

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It's time to style with pride on completing 78 years of independence on August 15, 2024. As a proud Indian citizen, it's our responsibility to honor our great freedom fighters on this honorable day. What else will prove our patriotism than reviving the traditional art forms representing our Indian heritage?

When we talk about Indian heritage, we shouldn't miss Chikankari art which has been ruling the ethnic fashion trends since the Mughal era. The delicate art form originated from Lucknow and was passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

With the thought of preserving this art form and improving the artisan's economic status, Shop Nama: Stay has offered incredible chikankari kurtis since its inception.

Create a traditional Independence Day look on the flag colors with Shop Nama: Stay’s Chikankari kurta sets.

Here are the Flag Colored Lucknowi Kurtas for a Traditional Independence Day Look:

1. Alia Chikankari Kurta Set:

White on our Indian Flag symbolizes peace and harmony; wearing a white chikankari kurti set showcases your commitment to patriotism. Our Alia short kurti with white straight pants features blue aari embroidery exuding a rich heritage look.

Embrace the chikankari craft, a rich cultural heritage on an honourable day while exuding a contemporary look. Create an ethnic look with belegant ig, round earrings and flats or sandals. Go for loose hair with minimal makeup for an and chic look.

2. Maisa Green Kurta Set:

Here are our latest chikankari kurti and complementing pants featuring green color and traditional chikankari embroidery. Green in our national flag symbolizes prosperity, faith, a wealth of agriculture, and the auspiciousness of our nation.

Every purchase of chikankari kurti is backed by improving the livelihood of skilled artisans and their families. Do the goodness of preserving the art and artisans on an auspicious day. Ensuring sustainability without harming our land’s wealth is crucial when celebrating the mother nation.

All our Lucknowi kurtas are crafted from natural cotton fabric ensuring sustainability, making it the perfect choice for Independence day celebrations.

3. Nazakat Kurta:

While the white color on Independence Day shows patriotism, it gives you a calm and relaxing state of mind. Embrace the calmness and show tribute to our late freedom fighters on Independence Day.

White is a universal color that can be dressed up or down to bring out the desired look. Moreover, this Nazakat kurta is a hand-crafted elegance of ethnic fashion trends with double the work of artisans, featuring both Mukaish and Chikankari crafts.

Embracing our ethnic wear and cultural craft on Independence Day is a proud feeling for every citizen. Don’t miss out on the special feeling with heritage Indian fashion.

4. Pana Bandhej Green Kurta

Wearing green outfits is one of the obvious choices for Independence day special. While it is essential to create a look that resonates with the colors of our national Flag, it is more important to create one on such an auspicious day.

Opting for hand-crafted Lucknowi kurtas adds value to our cultural heritage and the livelihood of skilled artisans. In addition, chikankari kurtis enable you to make a fashion statement. Celebrate this Independence Day with Shop Nama: Stay’s kurti collections

5. Faiza Angrakha Kurta:

Here comes the topmost color of our national Flag, saffron which perfectly brings out your patriotic spirit. Our Faiza Angrakha kurta will be the obvious outfit ensembling your love and respect towards the nation.

The traditional chikankari craft has taken various avatars best suiting contemporary fashion and rules heritage fashion in India for years. Pair the kurta with white straight pants for an elegant and chic look. Keep the look subtle by opting for minimal jewelry, loose hair, and flats.

6. Aleena White Straight Kurta:

Everyone will choose to wear white outfits on Independence Day. Hence, it is more important to stand out from the crowd while embracing the soothing white outfit. Our Aleena white chikankari kurta perfectly does the same!

This kurta is a perfect blend of style and cultural heritage featuring chikankari embroidery and delicate bootis throughout the kurta. All this together exudes a sophisticated and charming look to celebrate Independence Day.

7. Niyamat Blue Kurta:

The blue color outfit represents our Dharma Chakra symbolizing constant movement and progression throughout life. Our Niyamat blue kurta will perfectly exude your inner patriotism and respect for our mother nation.

Moreover, the kurta’s cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable ensuring maximum comfort to celebrate Independence Day.


Wearing outfits representing the three colors of our national Flag will be the best way to honour our great freedom fighters while remembering the values of those auspicious colors. Shop Nama: Stay’s kurti and kurta collections perfectly meet the needs with their versatile colors.

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