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Beginners' guide on how to wear a Kaftan

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Kaftans are one of the most trending anti-fit pieces of clothing post covid. The COVID-19 lockdown made us realize the importance of these easy-breezy silhouettes that make us feel comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

If you are a Kaftan fanatic, you know that you can take the piece from am to pm by just accessorizing it the right way. However, many of you still fear getting lost in a kaftan, mainly when it's free size. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the fabric and how the fabric falls on your body so that your style is not compromised. We will be sharing more tips with you on how to choose the right kaftan for yourself.

But, before we delve further into how to wear a Kaftan the right way and what to look for when purchasing a kaftan, let's revisit the history and definition of the kaftan to know more about this timeless garment.

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A Brief History: What is Kaftan

Kaftan is a Persian word, while the garment style is believed to have originated in Ancient Mesopotamia. The Ottoman sultans from the 14th to the 18th centuries wore lavishly decorated kaftans; they were also given as rewards to important dignitaries and generals. Kaftans signified rank, social status, and luxury. Originally for men, kaftans were picked by women as well because of the simplicity of the silhouette and the fact that they could be heavily patterned, or sleekly minimal. Kaftans quickly became a fashion statement, appearing on the runways of designers such as Tom Ford for Gucci, Eli Saab, and others.

A kaftan typically means a long belted tunic, worn in countries of the Near East for men and a long loose dress for women. In modern times, the definitions have shifted and these colorful outfits have begun to transcend use not only as resort fashion but as occasion wear items and day-to-day wear as well.

Now let's dig deeper into how to wear a kaftan for first timers:

Choosing the right fabric:

Choosing the right fabric for your kaftan can make a world of difference. Nama: Stay kaftans are all made in crushed cotton fabric, giving the kaftans a summery, flowy look. The fabric doesn't stand and seamlessly falls on your body, accentuating the right curves. Our cotton kaftans are the best outfits you can pull from am to pm. They can also be used as kaftan cover up on your beach vacation.

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Choosing a kaftan that best matches your style:

Choose a cotton kaftan that best reflects your summer style. For example, if you're more feminine, opt for softer colors. If you want to play it safe, stick to white and black. Our Ivory Kashmiri embroidered kaftans have a palette of just two colors, white and blue, thus making this a perfect choice for safe-payers.

However, if you want to experiment and you have a more eclectic style, there are a variety of colors that we offer in our Kashmiri embroidered summer kaftans, ranging from neon yellow to rani-pink. Since all of these are one of a kind, they are the best choice for people who like having their own distinct style and want to style differently.

Choose to mix and match as per your style:

If you love wearing shorter lengths, experiment with our short kaftans or kaftan tops. You can always pair kaftan tops with a white palazzo for an elegant look or with a monochrome palazzo for a coordinated look. Pair it with jeans for casual wear or  add a printed palazzo beneath for a bohemian look. The possibilities for mixing and matching your short kaftans are endless.

Choosing accessories for your look:

Pick the right accessories that go well with your look. layered accessories A V-neck kaftan looks great on V neck kaftans, whereas a choker necklace would look great on sweet hearts and round necks. You can also keep in mind the final look while accessorizing; if you are looking for a clean, chic look, you can wear some danglers and heels and you are ready.

And if you are looking for a maximalist boho look, then girl, you have the world. Stack up all your stackables and you are ready to kill the look.

Kaftans are stylish, comfortable, and, most importantly, in trend. So, you do need to give them a try without hesitating. Also, there is a reason why kaftans are supposed to be a loose and comfortable fit; as they are worn primarily in hot climates, the kaftan’s loose silhouette helps in proper ventilation, therefore lowering the body temperature. Hence, a great way to keep you cool and look stylish at the same time. Whether it's a beach kaftan, kaftan dress or a kaftan kurta you need to own our Kashmiri aari embroidered kaftans in your wardrobes.

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The ease of comfort and modesty make kaftans appealing to women worldwide.

Shop our collection of kaftan tops, long beach kaftan, kaftan dress, cotton kaftan maxi dresses onlines. All made in India by our artisans. And, keep in touch with the latest kaftan trend.

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