How to Make your Chikanakri Last longer: Care and Maintenance Tips

How to Make your Chikanakri Last longer: Care and Maintenance Tips

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The intricate and ethereal beauty of Chikankari kurtas has made them a sought-after choice for fashion connoisseurs. These garments, rich in history and craftsmanship, require a certain amount of tender love and care to ensure their longevity. 

We know you are always wondering How can I make my Chikankari last longer.

We have got you covered. Chikanakri is the best piece of investment in clothing and it never goes out of style. With just the right measure of love and care, chikankari kurtas can be worn for years.

 If you cherish your Chikankari kurta and wish to retain its pristine condition for years to come, this guide will help you master the art of its care and maintenance. 

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Understanding the Delicacy of Chikankari

Originating from Lucknow, Chikankari is a testament to meticulous handwork, where delicate stitches form patterns on fabric. Given the intricacy of this embroidery, Chikankari kurtas can be sensitive to rough handling. Therefore, understanding its delicate nature is the first step in its care.

Washing Your Chikankari Kurta

Hand Wash or Dry clean

Always read the label of your chikankari garment. If dry clean is stated please opt for that. Otherwise, always prefer hand washing your Chikankari kurta. This gentle method ensures that the fabric and embroidery remain unharmed. Always soak the chikankari kurta and palazzos in cold water. Do not rub the clothing with your hands. 

Mild Detergents

Use a mild detergent or a baby shampoo to ensure the fabric doesn't lose its sheen and the embroidery doesn't fade.

Spot Clean

Take a mild brush, top it with some mild detergent, and gently use it to spot clean any stain on a chikankari garment.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

After washing, do not dry your chikankari kurta and chikankari palazzos under direct sunlight, as this can lead to fading. Opt for shade drying instead.

Storage Tips

Avoid Hanging

Instead of using hangers, fold your Chikankari kurta and store it. Hanging can lead to the embroidery getting stretched or deformed.

Use Cloth Bags

Store your chikankari kurta in a muslin or cotton bag. This ensures breathability and protects the garment from moisture and insects. 

Keep Silica Packets

To prevent moisture, especially in humid regions, place a few silica gel packets inside the storage area.

Ironing and Handling

Low Heat

When ironing, always set your iron to a low heat setting. Always iron from the backside. Excessive heat can harm the fabric and the embroidery.

Iron Inside Out

To protect the embroidery, turn the kurta inside out and then iron it. You can also place a thin cotton cloth over the kurta while ironing for added protection.

Addressing Stains

If your Chikankari kurta gets stained, avoid rubbing the area. Instead, lightly dab it with water. For stubborn stains, it's recommended to seek professional cleaning rather than attempting to remove them at home.

Wrapping up

Chikankari kurtas are a blend of heritage, art, and style. With the right care, they can be a cherished part of your wardrobe for years. Investing time in maintaining your kurta not only ensures its longevity but also preserves the artistry that went into creating it. 

For more insights on Chikankari wear, and how to get the best out of them, the curated Chikankari kurta collection considers exploring Shop Nama:Stay. Embrace the beauty of Chikankari with the knowledge to keep it shining bright. Also with all chikankari kurtas and palazzos we sent a free muslin bag to help you store the kurtas in the best condition and make your chikankari pieces last longer.

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