Handcrafted with Love: Chikankari Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

Handcrafted with Love: Chikankari Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

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Mothers are angels living on earth; their selfless nature cannot be overstated. They sacrifice their passion, career, and even their lives for their children and family. As Robert Browning said, “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” But many of us fail to notice her sacrifices when she is with us. A person without a mother can tell how empty their life is without a mother.

Mother is the only person who cares for and loves you without any expectations. Just appreciate her and show your gratitude and love towards her when she is around you. Mother’s Day was formed and is dedicated to celebrating the sacrifices of those selfless creatures. All the credit goes to Anna Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe, who strived hard and advocated to make the second Sunday of May month to be celebrated as Mother’s Day, honoring their contributions.

Some countries celebrate it during March or on the first Sunday of May. Still, countries like India, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand celebrate Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday on the second Sunday of May. You can celebrate your mother’s sacrifices with gifts, taking her for dinner, cooking for her, and in many other ways.

However, gifting her favorite hand-embroidered kurta sets will make her day even more special. The chikankari kurta reflects the essence of tradition, craftsmanship, and love while being renowned for its intricate patterns, delicate stitches, and timeless elegance.

Check out our handcrafted kurtas from Nama: Stay’s Mother’s Day special collections.

Here are Our Hand Embroidered Kurta Sets For Mother’s Day Celebration

Aasma Teal Green kurta

Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide by honoring mothers and motherly figures with mother's day special gifts and flowers, taking them to their favorite spot, having family gatherings, and spending the whole day with them. Mothers deserve to be treated special daily, especially during Mother's Day.

More than any other gift, clothes make women even more happy. That, too, is why the elegant chikankari handcrafted kurta is the perfect gift for your mother. Our Aasma Tale green chikankari kurta, with its detailed embroidery work, gives a simple yet elegant look. Paired with bottom wear, this outfit provides a charming look. The kurta is made of pure cotton, making it a perfect summer outfit and helping keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Zainul black kurta

If you are a student or a working professional who stays away from your mother, you’ll feel that emotional emptiness. Grab this opportunity to gift your mother with her favorite hand-embroidered kurta sets on Mother’s Day.

Our Zainul black chikankari kurta is specially made in cotton to keep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. We celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, during the peak summer month, so this cotton Zainul black handcrafted kurta blends elegance and comfort.

Moreover, the intricate hand embroidery gives a sophisticated look, making it a versatile outfit. Paired with a white palazzo pant, this black and white monochrome kurta set is a blend of rich heritage and contemporary fashion.

Farhad Pink Kurta

Celebrating Mother's Day differs across various countries and cultures. In India, celebrating mothers with our ethnic wear doubles the celebration and makes the day more memorable. It will be the best of all Mother's Day gift ideas.

Our Farhad pink kurta is a blend of two epic crafts, viz. bandhej and chikankari. The kurta is Gulabi in color, with aam and yellow banded patterns and heavy chikankari hand embroidery on the front and back. This makes it a perfect celebration outfit. Moreover, this fusion of auspicious colors makes a fashion statement while giving a grandeur look.

The kurta's kota cotton fabric is comfortable during the summer months. The set comes with a straight cut and a matching lining. Opting for a matching dupatta elevates the style to the next level.

Fatima Chikankari Co-ord Set

Mother's Day allows us to honor mothers' immense sacrifices, from physical to emotional, and their relentless efforts in shaping the lives of children and families.

Honoring her with her favorite hand-embroidered kurta sets is the best. Make Mother's Day even more special with our chikankari co-ord set, an A-line type kurta with a heavy floral chikankari embroidery design on the front and back, and a matching palazzo pant with similar embroidery work.

Moreover, the kurta's purple color and cambric cotton fabric make it a unique option for celebrations and festivals.

Nagma Straight Chikankari Co-ord Set

Mother’s Day has an immense cultural heritage in India; greeting mother with traditional gifts, taking her for a family dinner, or if you stay away from her, you can send her a traditional chikankari kurta set with a written letter conveying your love, respect, and gratitude for her.

Our Nagma Straight chikankari kurta features an exclusive mauve color, a perfect blend of pink and muted purple. It suits all skin tones, making it a versatile option for Mother’s Day gift ideas. Moreover, the nagma kurta with palazzo pants features heavy chikankari embroidery, revealing the finest work of our Lucknow artisans.

Nazakat Chikan Mukaish Kurta

Anna Jarvis first celebrated Mother's Day in the U.S. to honor her deceased mother, who worked for women's groups for friendship and health. Later, the culture spread to other countries through the International Mother's Day Association.

However, your mother doesn't need to be a social activist to celebrate her sacrifices and hard work for the family. One of the best Mother's Day special gifts is a chikankari kurta set, as no woman says no to ethnic wear.

Our Nazakat Chikan Mukaish Kurta is a white evergreen piece that suits every skin tone. Along with chikankari embroidery, the kurta has Mukaish work: metal embroidery using little strands of metal, elevating the style to the next level.

Eira Cotton Kashmiri Phiran Set

More than a celebration, Mother’s Day holds the greater significance of strengthening family bonds and encouraging the expression of love towards mothers and family members. One of the best ways of expressing love is through gifts, which makes them feel more special and conveys the importance of their presence in your life.

Our Eira Cotton Kashmiri Phiran Kurta with Palazzo pants features timeless aari embroidery, with the artisans meticulously crafting each stitch. This shows the rich heritage of Kashmir. Moreover, the cotton fabric of the coordinate set gives you maximum comfort while making it a versatile option for any occasion.


Starting in 1908 in the United States, Anna Jarvis had 407 children and mothers to honor her deceased mother, and the culture still rules the world with more cultural significance. In India, the phrase "Mother's Day Kab Hai" shows the immense expectation and enjoyment for Mother's Day.

Save the date and make your mother happy on the second Sunday of May with our chikankari kurtas as Mother's Day gifts.

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