6 Trendy Lucknowi Kurtas Every Woman Should Own

6 Trendy Lucknowi Kurtas Every Woman Should Own

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Whether you're an influencer promoting other clothing brands or a model for your own clothing brand, social media plays a significant role in showcasing your products to your audiences or potential customers.

It's crucial to be aware of the platforms where your target audience is most active. Did you know that Instagram, with its 516.92 million users in India, tops the list? This platform is particularly popular among young people, especially millennials or Gen Z, who make up the majority of its users.

In this digital era, where brands are competing for attention, it's essential to stand out. For clothing brands, the key to attracting audiences lies in showcasing the unique features of the outfit. A well-crafted picture with the perfect pose can instantly captivate your audience's attention, making your content memorable and engaging.

For instance, if you wear printed dresses or chikankari kurtas, take a close-up picture that showcases the intricate printed designs of the outfit. If you wear a white chikankari kurti, take an aesthetic pose that showcases the rich embroidery of the kurta to attract the audience and elevate your feed.

Here are the Ideal Kurta Poses for you to Elevate your Instagram Feed

1. The Outdoor Adventure with Twirling pose:

The twirling pose is one of many people's favorite poses because it looks authentic. Suppose you wear an Anarkali white chikankari kurta with meticulous embroidery on the neck, hems, and sleeves. This twirling pose will perfectly showcase the flared silhouette and intricate embroidery throughout the kurta.

Now, how do you get the perfect twirling pose? Hold on to the fabric loosely with one hand to move it as you twirl around. Ensure to hold the fabric loosely to get that natural outcome, and another hand on your waist, hair, collar, or overhead, whichever one you feel is the best. Moreover, twirl slowly without any rush to make the fabric flow at its own speed, with hands swishing forward and back.

Ensure to have a small smile and look away from the camera to get that authentic shot while showcasing all the unique features of the White chikanakri Kurti. And remember, the caption is your chance to shine. Use captivating captions for your post such as, "Twirling into pure bliss", "Dress up, spin around, be magical", and more to attract the audiences and show off your creativity.

2. Candid Laughing Pose on Couch

In the world of posed pictures, candid photographs tell genuine emotions, where the photographer captures whatever emotions you deliver in front of the camera without interfering.

According to research conducted by Jonah Berger, a renowned author, viral marketer, and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, people are inherently drawn to candid pictures due to their authenticity and genuine portrayal of emotions..

For instance, if you wear cotton summer dresses, take a close-up candid picture showcasing the comfort the fabric offers through your candid smile. If you wear printed dresses, such as straight kurta, the same close-up candid works to showcase the intricate designs while enjoying the moment.

3. Aesthetic Sitting on a Floor Pose with Flowers

Sitting on a floor pose is a recent trend on Instagram; you would have come across these poses by actors, actresses, and influencers seated on the floor with their legs bent. The pose gives you a confident and comfortable picture.

When it comes to promoting summer outfits for women, the 'sitting on a floor' pose can be a practical choice. Whether it's comfortable short kurtas or long summer dresses, this pose can effectively showcase the comfort and style of cotton summer dresses, making it a key element in your Instagram strategy.

Here is how you get that authentic sitting-on-the-floor pose: Sit on a floor with one leg bent vertically, with the complementary hand's elbow over the knee and fingers pointing overhead. Keep the other leg bent horizontally, with an authentic flower strand on the complementary hand.

4. Graceful Sitting Pose Showcasing the Silhouette:


Sitting on a chair is a perfect choice to showcase the graceful silhouette of the monochrome kurta set. No pose conveys strength, comfort, and confidence than sitting on a chair pose.

To achieve this pose, bend your one leg vertically over the chair with the complementary hand's elbow over the knee and fingers over the chin as you wander in thoughts. Keep the other hand over the handrest pointing away from the camera. Be conscious of showcasing a stiff posture.

Whether you're wearing a monochrome kurta set or a white summer dress with heavy embroidery, this pose is a versatile choice. It not only showcases the details of your outfit but also highlights the comfortability of any summer outfits for women, inspiring you to experiment with your style.

5. Confident Bossy Pose Embracing the Style:

All sitting poses need good posture to elevate the style. Poses depend on the outfit worn. If you wear summer kurti such as a co-ord set with short kurtas and palazzo pants showcasing the intricate embroidery on the sleeves and hem, a confident sitting pose is crucial to reflect a bossy look.

Moreover, the same will work well if you want to showcase the maximum comfort of the outfit, such as summer dresses for women. You can achieve this pose by sitting on a chair with one leg extended and the complementary hand on the handrest pointing away from the camera. Keep the other leg bent slightly over the chair and the complementary hand’s elbow over the knee, exhibiting a stiff posture

6. Crossed-legs, Hands-at-the-back Standing Pose:

If you want to showcase summer dresses for women or long summer dresses, take pictures with a standing pose showcasing the entire outfit. Cross your legs with your hands at the back, holding a flower strand to achieve an aesthetic yet charming look.

Moreover, go for high heels that complement the outfit for an elegant look. Ensure that a picturesque backdrop matches your costume.


Whether an elegant sitting pose or an outdoor adventure with a twirling pose, choosing the perfect one that showcases the kurta's unique features in a single picture is crucial. Ensure the post captivates the audience with attractive captions explaining all the Unique Selling Points of the kurta.

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